We get it, providing a new app access to your Google Account can be concerning. For that reason, we've put together some details on exactly what access to your Google Drive Deckbuildr requires, what data that includes, and how it is used.

Deckbuildr requests the minimum access to your Google Account needed to function. However, in some cases, Google groups together access to certain data under a single access request. For example, in order to request the ability to create a new presentation, Deckbuildr also has to request permission to delete a presentation, even if this isn't needed or used.

And remember, you can always revoke Google Account access for Deckbuildr here.

Types of Data and Access Deckbuildr RequestsGoogle OAuth 2.0 ScopeWhat this includesHow Deckbuildr Uses this
See your primary Google Account email address/auth/userinfo.emailThe primary email address associated with your Google AccountDeckbuildr uses your email address to notify you about product updates, and in the future, sharing functionality may use your email address.
Associate you with your personal info on GoogleopenidKnowing who you are on Google and associating you with the personal info you have made publicThis is the basic access required to facilitate the 'login with Google' functionality.
See, edit, create and delete all of your Google Slides presentations/auth/presentationsSee and edit presentations, create new presentations, upload and download presentations, organise and delete presentations, see the names of people you share your presentations with, share and stop sharing your presentations with others.Deckbuildr needs access to your existing presentations to create templates, and needs the ability to create new presentations whenever you generate a deck. Deckbuildr does not read or store text or image contents of presentations except to create thumbnails for use in the UI. Deckbuildr will not delete your presentations. Presentations will only be shared or downloaded when you as a user directly use these features.
See, edit, create and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app/auth/drive.fileSee these files, upload and download these files, delete these files, see the names and emails of people you share these files with, share and stop sharing these files with others, organise these files.This access enables the Google Picker functionality, whereby you can select a presentation stored in your Google Drive from within the Deckbuildr interface. Deckbuildr then has access to this file, but does not read or store the names or emails of those this file is shared with, nor will it delete this file.
Connect itself to your Google Drive/auth/drive.installAppear as an option in the "Open with ..." menu and appear as an option in the "New" menu.Deckbuilder shortcuts will appear in your Google Drive menus to ease the creation of a new pitch deck or template.

You can find details on each OAuth 2.0 scope here.

For full details on how Deckbuildr collects and uses your data, and your rights, please visit our privacy policy.