Personalizing your template deck is key to delivering a great pitch. Often, this means adding content like the customer name and your name to your deck.

In Deckbuildr, Dynamic Content lets you add placeholders to your template deck that can then be automatically replaced every time you generate a deck.

For example, you might replace the text: customer_name with ABC Inc. and salesperson_name with Robert Smith.

To get started with Dynamic Content, open your template deck in Google Drive and add placeholder text tags wherever you need it (Deckbuildr will scan your entire deck for these tags, not just the first slide). You can choose whatever you want as a placeholder, but make sure it wont appear accidentally elsewhere (so customer_name is probably better than Customer).

For example, your title slide might look like this:

smart field 1

Next, in Deckbuildr, when editing a Template open the "Dynamic Content" tab then "Add Dynamic Content", set a Field Name (how users of this template will be prompted to customize the deck) and Text Tag to Replace (the text you just added to your template deck. It might look like this:

dynamic Content

When users of this template are generating a pitch deck, they'll be prompted to enter their name and customer name, and the text tags will be automatically replaced:

smart field3