Personalizing your template deck is key to delivering a great pitch. Often, this means adding your customer's logo your deck.

In Deckbuildr, Dynamic Logos let you add placeholders to your template deck that will then be automatically replaced with your customer's logo every time you generate a deck.

To get started with Dynamic Content, open your template deck in Google Drive and add a shape (from the Insert > Shape menu) to a slide. Any shape will work. Next, add the text [logo] to the shape. Finally, remove the border from the shape (set to transparent) for the best appearance after the logo is inserted. Note: Deckbuildr will scan your entire deck for these tags, not just the first slide, so feel free to add logos anywhere. Also, the size of the shape you insert is what defines the logo size.

For example, your title slide might look like this: dynamic logo

Next, in Deckbuildr, when editing a Template open the "Dynamic Logo" tab then turn on the "Enable Dynamic Logo" toggle.

When users of this template are generating a pitch deck, they'll be prompted to enter the customer name, and the logo will be automatically retrieved and added to the deck wherever the placeholder shape is found.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 at 22.43.19