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Deckbuildr is the fastest and easiest way to personalize a pitch deck for each sales meeting.

Stop copy-pasting slides and start using Deckbuildr.

Sales Personalization Made Easy

Deckbuildr saves time for sales and success teams everywhere

It's hard to overstate just how much efficiency and time Deckbuildr unlocks for Solution Engineering teams. Preparing slide presentations is super quick and easy, and leaves more time to focus on the customer, customise demos, and deliver value.

Martijn Beijk - Director of Solutions Engineering at Contentful

Each of my customers and prospects gets a deck that’s tailored to them. And the beauty is, it’s taking me minutes to put the deck together.

Luke Taylor - Account Executive at Sourcegraph

Deckbuildr has been a huge time-saver for my team when creating presentations for sales meetings. It has streamlined onboarding, ensured that everyone has access to the latest sales messaging, and significantly reduced demo prep time.

Pete Koomen - Co-Founder at Optimizely

How it Works

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Choose a source deck to use as your template

Pick any slide deck from your Google Drive

Set up the sections and smart content

Each deck can have multiple sections for different topics or products you might include in a presentation, and smart content to automatically populate sales team names, customer logos, agendas and more.

Share the link to your template

Anyone at your company can now generate a customized sales deck based on your template in just a couple clicks

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Stop copy-pasting slides and start using Deckbuildr